Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UGC Minor Projects - 2012 Academic Year

Congratulation to Sri. Robins Jacob, Dr. Leslie Thomas and Dr. Sabu M C for receiving minor research projects from University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.
  1. Sri. Robins Jacob, Head, Department of Economics - Project Title "Economic Viability and Prospects of Alternative forms of Tourism in Kerala"
  2. Dr. Leslie Thomas,  Associate Professor, Dept. of English -  Project Title "Chavittunatakam and Medieval European History"
  3. Dr. Sabu M C,   Assistant  Professor, Dept.of Mathematics and Rev. Dr. Konnully Memorial Reseacrh Centre -  Project Title "Stability Analysis of Vaidya – Tikekar Superdense Star Model"


  1. Dr. Leslie Thomas is from English Department when did he jump to Commerce?

    1. Great thank u Chitaranjan sir, changes made...