Courses Offered

Undergraduate Course
B.A. in Economics (Bachelor of Arts) - 3 years
B.A. in English Literature (Bachelor of Arts) - 3 years
B.Sc. in Mathematics (Bachelor of Science) - 3 years
B.Sc. in Zoology (Bachelor of Science) - 3 years
B.Sc. in Botany (Bachelor of Science) - 3 years
B.Sc. in Physics (Bachelor of Science) - 3 years
B.Sc. in Chemistry (Bachelor of Science) - 3 years
B.Sc. in Aqua culture (Bachelor of Science) - 6 semesters
B.Sc. in Industrial Fish & Fisheries (Bachelor of Science) - 6 semesters
B.Sc. in Vocational Chemistry (Bachelor of Science) - 6 semesters
B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) - 3 years

Post Graduate Courses
M.Sc. in Zoology with specialisation in Medical Microbiology 
(Master of Science) - 4 semesters
M.Sc. in Applied Fisheries and Aquaculture 
(Master of Science) - 4 semesters
M.Sc. in Chemistry 
(Master of Science) - 4 semesters
M.Sc. in Physics with specialisation in Computer Science 
(Master of Science) - 4 semesters
M.Sc. in Botany with specialisation in Plant Biotechnology 
(Master of Science) - 4 semesters
M.Sc. in Mathematics with specialisation in Computer Programming 
(Master of Science) - 4 semesters
(Master of Commerce with specialisation in Financial Management) - 4 semesters
M. A. in English Language and Literature
(Master of Arts) - 4 semesters
MBA with Specialisation in Finance, Marketing, HRM, Systems, International Business and Operations Management.

Research programmes (Ph.D.)

Mathematics: The department is bestowed with the legacy of the mathematical wizard and Professor De Emeritus, late Rev. Dr. Augustine Konnully. Thrust areas of research are fuzzy subgroups, fuzzy sets and systems, fuzzy groups and group homorphisms, and group theory. The department proudly publishes an international refereed half-yearly Research Journal “The Albertian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics” (TAJOPAM).
Commerce: The department owns the reputation that the first Ph.D. from Commerce faculty of the affiliating University is produced from this center. The faculty undertakes many major and minor research projects funded by agencies like ICSSR, UGC etc. The department mainly focuses on problems related particularly to the state of Kerala and Southern States of India.
Chemistry: Main areas of research in Chemistry Department are Polymer Chemistry and Technology, Environmental Studies and issues relevant to the city of Kochi, the industrial capital of Kerala. Members of faculty have attracted project funds from various agencies, augmenting infrastructure for research. The faculty has several publications in reputed national and international research journals.
Botany: The Department was recently recognized as a research department. Many minor and one major research projects is carried out in the department.Facilites and expertese is available to carry out research in the field of Phycology, Environmental Biology and Plant tissue culture. The faculties has publication is many national and international journals.
Zoology: The department has advanced facilties for research leading to Ph.D. in areas of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Pollution studies. Presently the department has four research guides who are also involved in projects funded by UGC. The departments also intends to take up collaborative research projects.
Physics:Physics department is completing the procedures for recognition as research center under Mahatma Gandhi University. 

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