Sunday, February 17, 2013

Financiere - 2013

Financiere the Finishing School of St Albert’s College focuses on teaching social skills and cultural norms as a preparation for entry into adult society and is intended to complete the educational experience, with classes primarily on etiquette. 
The motto of Financiere is ‘dare to be different’
Our Finishing Academy prepares individuals to become people of substance and helps them to realize that each person has an abundance of potential within him/her which they can bring out to fruition.
As the  students step out of the portals of this college after a few months they will begin the life journey of a thousand miles which will comprise hundreds of thousands of small steps. They need to boldly take the first step and with each small step they can conquer every obstacle that comes their way. This is where Financiere strides in to help them take the first step….The students who have been selected for this Finishing School are the chosen few who according to Robert Frost have taken the less travelled road…which will make all the difference in their life.
Financiere was inaugurated on 17 December 2012 by Dr P.C Thomas, former Head of the Department of Commerce, Fatima Matha National College, Kollam.  He emphasized on the point that mere selection of career was not sufficient. It should be duly backed by good planning and preparation. Formal education was not sufficient. A student has to aquire a host of physical, psychological, social, intellectual and emotional skills to succeed in his career.  
Subsequent sessions, on Personality Development, Self –Esteem, Communication skills, Mental Aptitude and Logical reasoning, How to face Group Discussions and Interviews, Dining Etiquette and Personal Grooming, followed. Experts were brought in from different fields to provide hands on training to the students in these areas.
The graduation ceremony of Financiere will be held at P J Princess Resort, Puthuvype on 2 March 2013 at 12:30p.m. 

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